A Hampton’s style home is the best way to enjoy summer vibes all year round. The Hampton’s style is referred to as a cool, sophisticated, and classic design, which is very easy to achieve, yet looks elegant and rustic. The Hampton’s style originates from the holiday beach destinations in the state of New York. This style has made its way from the beaches to homes across the world. The natural textures, whitewash, panelled walls, and timber flooring are all key elements to achieve a Hampton’s style home. The style is very popular among people, and everyone wants to create a Hampton’s style home as it is the definition of relaxed luxury. Interior design style affects the atmosphere of a whole house. 

This article will help you to understand ways to create a Hampton’s style home.

Easy Ways to Incorporate a Hampton’s style

Cool Colour Palette

The most significant feature of Hampton’s style is its colour palette, which is completely inspired by nature. Therefore, make sure the colour you choose for your house is close to nature. Aqua, soft white, cobalt blue, and warm beige work beautifully together. Do not use bold colours because Hampton’s style is about neutral and light colour interior and exterior features. However, to create a Hampton’s look, you have to make strong use of slates and stone with natural tones. 

Inspired Furniture

Due to the neutral colour scheme of a Hampton’s style home, it can accommodate a large variety of furniture. However, not all furniture is suitable for this style and therefore it is preferable to use soft grey furniture and arrange items in entertaining ways. Use beach-inspired furniture like a hanging egg chair and beach seats that compliments the green plants outside. Selecting traditional and comfortable furniture enforces a Hampton’s style interior, and it becomes classier when you add cushions and deep-set couches.

Flooring and Walls 

To execute the refreshing beach vibes, light timber tones and panelled walls are a great idea. To give a sun-bleached look, washed-out colours and accessories will help to deliver the effect. The best option to paint the walls is white, which gives a relaxing and sophisticated feeling to the home. Wood panelling is perfect for Hampton’s style as it adds texture to the house.

Let the Natural Night in

Natural light is essential to enhance the charm of the interior of the house because the natural light emphasises the materials, texture, and colours that make the home. You can brighten up your house with natural light by focusing on the structure of your house. Include large windows in your home to let the maximum amount of light in. Moreover, you can also add a table lamp, sconce lighting, and chandeliers to add a lavish statement to your interior. 

Focus on Texture 

Hampton’s style often plays with texture. Currently, more masculine finishes are coming into the mix. You can use lighter tones for the furnishings and use rougher materials that create layered textures. The spaces that have a combination of textures give a more inviting feel to the place. Do not be afraid to add texture in your home as you are always encouraged to think outside the box. 

Balance your Materials

Make sure the materials you use are balanced. You can achieve this by using marble, wood, tiles, and other materials for the interior of your home. It is often a good idea to take the advice or hire an interior designer when you want to achieve a Hampton’s style home because the interior designer has the industry knowledge and a vision for the latest designs.