Is it possible to own a home at 25? Of course for people like Justin Bieber, Blue Ivy Carter, Paris Hilton, or the heirs of the crazy rich Asians, it wouldn’t be that hard. Most average people feel that this is unreachable though. 

There are some ways to overcome this, however. Strategies down below are all based on real situations. Check out the stories of the following people who were more than willing to share answers to these three questions:

  1. How did they find a house to buy?
  2. How did they pay for it?
  3. How did they feel after sealing the deal?

Be reminded that while each strategy worked for these individuals, please don’t take it as a guarantee that it will work the same way with you, nor should any of it be treated as professional advice. These are merely suggestions about how to invest in WA property.

Save up.

PD, a performing artist, was able to buy his house in cash at 29. After many thoughts, he finally listened to his gut, somehow gauging the spiritual vibe of the whole process. He ended up choosing the house he wanted from the moment he saw it on the internet. His fondness grew when he saw it in person and he knew from then, it was the property for him.

Seize the moment.

KC, a nurse, did last-minute research online for houses within her budget. With her drive to move out as the family got larger, an honest agent pointed her in the right direction. This house immediately became her first choice. The opportunity had presented itself when she was ready. Again, the gut feeling was there but it was more about being ready with the financial side of it. Sometimes, the best property is there but you don’t have the money to buy it. So, it’s always good to prepare so that you don’t have to take out any kind of loan from your parents or friends for a deposit.


AD, an architect, was always researching and taking the time to connect with agents and local listings. There’s also an advantage when you are knowledgeable regarding the real estate market and when you’re surrounded by businessmen and women who venture in the same industry. You get the best advice on what to buy, when, and how. Also, having a good credit score can assist you in landing a reasonable mortgage. Learn how fast you can get appraisals. It’s also important not to get too attached to a property for ease in selling later on when you decide to move on to a new property. Consider Perth property advice when looking.

While all of these may sound unbelievably helpful, it can be summarised into:

  • Staying focused on your goals. Set them specifically, and realistically. Consider time as the most valuable commodity and with investments like this, it’s important to start early.
  • Seek advice from the people who have been through this process. Usually, they are your parents. Allow room for challenges, but be stubborn with your goals. Learn your lessons from those who have already made the mistakes before. 
  • Prepare for what’s coming. Save and be on the lookout. The right property will always come, but if the budget is not there, no sale will happen.

If you think these three steps are easy, it is a good start. Consider how you can save efficiently and parameters on how to choose the right house for you. Generally, these three rules are without a doubt applicable even if you’re not yet 18. Establish your goals, listen to your parents, and save. It is as simple as that.