Stephen Jenkins, of Jenko’s Mangoes at Noonamah, said his wife discovered the gigantic summer favourite when she was sorting fruit.

Mr Jenkins, who has 25 years’ experience in the company, said large mangoes are discovered every crop, but this specific fruit was among the heaviest he’s come across.

While the jumbo fruit has attracted lots of attention, it will not be trucked off to a grocery store.

The natural mango weighs around 200 g, and the CEO of Australian Mangoes, Robert Gray, is unaware of any other people to have trumped the Jenkins’ find in proportion.

Jenko’s Mangoes started production in August, and they are working through 120 bins of mangoes every day, to create around 6,000 trays each day.

This season’s Northern Territory mango season crop is predicted to yield around 4.5 million trays.