We can carefully plan and execute ways to stop our biological clocks, recapture our youthfulness and have excellent body functions. Like some of the top celebrities, age reversal can be achieved by working quietly and following the basics of extended youthful life. And it doesn’t have to include botox or dermal fillers. And for this, we need to have a healthy mind and an active body. The basics keep relisted and redefined as we keep finding new ways to reach healthy longevity of life.

So, there is no one single method but many abundant ways to erase our age and reverse it, so stay calm and read the list below:

Eating healthy to keep our weight under control:

Nutrition sources rich in antioxidants and omega 3 fatty acids are the best anti-aging supplements. They protect us from cardiovascular diseases, arthritis and many other inflammatory diseases. They fight the aging signs in our body, keeping our bones strong and functioning well. These foods also keep our skin feel hydrated and wrinkle-free, thereby defying our ageing process. Keeping a good weight gives you the same amount of confidence as getting breast implants. So, eating healthy, balanced diets with lots of green leafy vegetables, fish and some supplements can provide us all the vital nutrients such vitamins (E, D, K, B3 & B2) and minerals we need. Those are the minimum requirements that will keep our body functioning in a natural and healthy way. Therefore, keeping an eye on what we eat could help us control our weight. Obesity is found to be a major cause of most of the health disorders, including diabetes, heart problems, strokes and many others. Thus, planning our foods and being careful of what we eat would automatically make us look and feel younger. In short: healthy foods with the right amount of exercise will keep us younger for longer.

Keeping our minds active and being mindful of our actions:

As we age, we often stop being active and moving around, thereby aging the neuronal pathways in our brain. Brains being the most complex of all vital organs, researchers have found that the size of the brain reduced when people fail to keep their minds engaged with activities like puzzles, problem-solving games which would keep the agile state of the mind and maintain the active functioning. Being mindful of the actions also gives us control over body movements, thereby stops us from being clumsy (that usually comes with aging). The more we focus on keeping our brain stimulated, the more blood will flow to our brain, leading to an active mental age.

Stretch our muscles and strengthen our bones:

Now having the mind stimulated with brain exercises and games, follow up with your body, making sure to stretch and move around. Proper muscle training and body exercise help us stay flexible and mobile. This also keeps our body weight under control and has a great impact on reducing our stress levels. Exercise and yoga are great ways to stay young and extend our life’s longevity, where breathing exercise and special body movements and positions trigger different parts of the part keeping them active. We can always start with 20 min walking and slowly moving on to running or signing up for a yoga class or gym. So keep in mind that staying active and mobile is a key aspect of youthfulness and keeps us connected to the young mind of ours.

Be socially active and surround yourself with laughter

Communication is the key. Being able to secure a healthy circle of friends and laugh our problems out is the best way to stay young and keep our stress at bay. A group of friends or another socially active group would always encourage us to perform activities and keep our mind and body active. So commit to doing social activities with a group, and over time you’ll likely have a new bunch of friends to laugh with. Lonely people are unmotivated to move around and do activities on their own. Our ability to have a social circle helps us stay confident, happy, positive and lets us easily get through the difficult phases of our lives. This also mentally stimulates our immune system to stay healthy and young. So we no longer have to feel alone and useless!

Give up smoking and cut back on caffeine and alcohol:

If we are planning to look young and live longer, it is important to quit smoking. The negative impact of smoking has been studied for years now which included permanent lung damage, cancer, diabetes and many more reducing the number of healthy years from our lifespan. Cigarettes and alcohol, if not under control, will lead to severe effects on our skin, making us look unpleasant, sick and old. Quitting both these acts would enhance our skin health and also, in general, keep us whole and healthy for years. Caffeine is also seen to have long term ill effects in our body, though metabolic stimulators, it destroys essential vitamins in the body needed to nourish our skin, thereby leading to dull, aging skin and make us look older than we should. 

Sleep our way into youthfulness:

Do not skip your sleep to stay up at night, if you are planning to stay young for a long time. It is a proven fact that we need our 7-8 hrs of sleep to keep our body, mind and soul active and young. The longer our sleep, the longer the body has to repair and renew important cells and bodily functions. Giving our eyes and brain a temporary shut down, let’s them absorb nutrients digest our food better and remove toxic waste in a complete cycle. Also, don’t forget that beauty sleeping is a concept many famous celebrities follow to sleep their way into youthfulness. Looking tired and sleep-deprived makes us look old, with puffy red eyes and tired skin. So make sure you are sleeping well and enough to stay young.

Don’t skip your skincare routine:

Daily skincare routine is a must to keep our skin fresh, radiant and supple. Start this when we are in our 30s and stay and look younger than our age. Start with an exfoliating cleanser to remove dead cells and drink a lot of water to keep our skin hydrated. Extracts of green tea, papaya, strawberries are rich in vitamins and antioxidants. These would fight the signs of aging in our skin, thereby giving us younger-looking skin. Limit your sun exposure, as the harmful UV-light can do maximum damage to your skin; dark spots, sunburn, wrinkles, spider veins, age spots and freckles. Make sure you practise these routines daily to keep your skin from looking old.

With so many factors that play against us to make us look old (and those we cannot control that will inevitably lead us to age), these are some tips of things that are under our control – which we can master to look fresh and young.