Today we are covering the topic of home-styling your hair. With the right styling tools, you can create that blow wave bar look in no time – without the high prices. There are a few must-have items that you should keep in your hair styling toolbox; from brushes to heat combs and clips. By following our recommendations, you will have all the tools you need to do your styling at home. But before you make any purchases, make sure you do some research. Don’t settle for the cheapest items as they can end up doing more damage to your hair than good. 

Here is a list of the essential hair styling tools you need at home:

Blending shears

When you want to soften lines or add texture or even remove some weight of your hair, you need blending shears. Sometimes they are called thinning shears which have evenly spaced teeth with a blunt blade on the opposite side. You have probably seen these shears at your cut and dry hair salon.   You want a pair that are capable of removing the extra weight so you can also use it to remove lines, adjust the weight balance in a certain shape and to add texture. Your thinning shears should have opposing grip handles and convex blades so it can be reversed.

Blow dryer

You cannot complete any hairstyles without a hairdryer. A hairdryer is the second most important thing to have in your hairdressing home kit. You want a hairdryer that is lightweight so you don’t get sore arms from lifting it. You also want a hairdryer that has cutting edge ionic technology, and that speeds up your drying time while leaving your hair frizz-free. That way you are effectively reducing the damage to your hair and keeping it shiny for longer. 

Curling iron

If you don’t have room in your cupboard (and your budget!) for more than one curling iron then you need to settle for the 1inch curling iron. It’s a very versatile tool that you can use to create several different looks.  The versatility is due to the barrel being big enough to create both waves and curls. The curling iron is big enough to deliver enough waves and bend if desired. Wrap the hair around and create a variety of looks using the different techniques; from straight to lose and relaxed or tight and sophisticated, in no time at all. Professionals like to use the Marcel curling iron due to the diversity in methods that you can create, and the control you have over the spring curling irons.

Paddle brush

When it comes to safely detangle your hair, there is nothing better to use than a paddle brush. Paddle brushes can also be used for volume wrapping and flat wrapping the hair before you complete the look. The rectangle shape and wide surface of the paddle brush allow for the perfect surface for creating tension across large surfaces when blow-drying.
You want to go for a design with soft cushioned bases and ball-tipped nylon bristles that are infused with tourmaline. This allows for more shine and tension within the hair and less work.

Textured iron

If you have a bigger budget and you have the interest in adding another tool to the shed, consider getting a texture iron. This tool also is known as the mini crimping tool can create 3x the texture and volume in the hair.  You can use this tool for building a foundation for wedding styles or create bulk thick braids. This tool is magic. You won’t know you need one until you try it once, and realise you cannot live without it.